Nou Laboratorul Micului Geniu: Iluzii Optice Mărește

Laboratorul Micului Geniu: Iluzii Optice

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When looking at the world around us, our eyes collect information that our brain interprets. But are we really seeing reality as it is? As you will soon see, sometimes our brain interprets reality in a wrong way.
To put it simply: Seeing is (not always) believing!

In this kit we will explore different types of fascinating optical illusions including: double meaning illusions - is it a face or a vase?, movement illusions - is the picture moving?!?, distorting illusions - is this really a straight line? You will build a magical piggy bank that will make your money disappear, explore color illusions with special spinners. These are just a few of many exciting experiments inside.  Over a dozen of them in this exciting kit! 

This science kit comes equipped with the necessary equipment excluding some common household items. It includes a clear guide accompanied with photos of the processes as well as fascinating scientific explanations & facts. 


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Laboratorul Micului Geniu: Iluzii Optice

Laboratorul Micului Geniu: Iluzii Optice